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Opioid Drug Addiction: How Digital Health Technologies Can Help

After a hiatus I am returning to my beloved Digital Health Corner.  I appreciate all my loyal followers and have attempted to bridge my absence with posts in other social media. In a previous post I discussed important public health … Continue reading

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Five Digital Health Implications of the Most Important Report You Never Heard of

One of the most discussed barriers to the adoption of mobile health technologies is the Digital Divide between the elderly and the rest of society. Technology may support initiatives encouraging aging at home.  There are many reasons why older persons do not use … Continue reading

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mHealth and Child Abuse

There has not been a more horrific scandal in the world of sports that I can remember than the child abuse scandal (the mainstream media calls it a sex abuse scandal) surrounding The Pennsylvania State University. Let it be said … Continue reading

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Occupy Healthcare: a Lost Opportunity?

There has been enough publicity about the Occupy Wall Street movement that it is already part of the lexicon, and no longer makes daily headlines.  Not hidden among the concerns of the country these days are healthcare, and to be … Continue reading

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mHealth and Emergency Medical Services

     There was no better glaring example of the effects of a poor emergency communications system in a disaster than September 11, 2000 at the World Trade Center. Emergency personnel utilized antiquated and previously questioned technology.  Wireless technology has … Continue reading

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